Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A week to rest

Ah we are excited because Тэрэза бид хоёр Монгол хэл хичээл хийгээгүй.Тэгэд бид горов энэ долоо хоног амриж байна. (Teresa & I Mongolian lessons do not.so we this week resting)

As you can see in the translation above I am getting to the point where there is no English equivalent when translating. My both instructors told me last Thursday & Friday that I have one problem. My speaking is coming great, but my problem is that I still think in English. Many of you that English is not your first language know that this needs to happen en order for language learning to continue. I was happy last night I starting dreaming in Mongolian which is a good sign that the process of leaving English is starting, but I still have a long was to go.

We are all happy that we are on a break. All of us were getting very tired & unable to focus because we had gone a full three months without having a break. These last 2.5 weeks were a challenge for Kiel & Esme as their art & gym classes were cancelled due to the H1N1 situation here is Mongolia. They were getting a little shack wacky, but we were able to find an alternative. The Football field (soccer field for those of you at home) next to us has been converted into an Olympic size skating rink. They have a small shed filled with rental skates for children & adults. The kids have taken up skating every other day for 30 minutes to an hour. They have a great time & are really good skaters on their own.

We decorated for Christmas on Monday. It was so funny to see Teresa she was so excited to get some decorations up. We have had snow since & the temperatures have been below 0 degrees Celsius since October. It was hard for us to keep her until now. We found a shop that had small artificial trees & some decorations. It is not much, but we are trying our best to make this Christmas somewhat like home. Teresa has been buying Mongolian fabrics to use to sew new stockings for all of us. Please pray for this Christmas as it will be the first time Teresa, the kids & I have been away from family for Christmas ever. We will have skype which will help a lot & our Christmas is ahead of everyone back home.

On a lighter note here is Kiel & our kitty; Mittens. Well I should say Kiel's kitty. Everyone knows that Kiel always sweats a lot. Well even though it is really cold outside here he still sweats & Mittens likes to help him get cleaned. She will lick (groom) the hair on his head for 5-10 minutes trying to wash it for him. It is so funny to watch. Kiel just keeps doing what he is doing while Mittens washes his hair for him.

Tomorrow Aunt Jenna is coming over to skype her parents back home in Wisconsin. It is funny, but I think the closest American accent to Nova Scotia/Cape Breton is Wisconsin. I have been in 26 states & talked to others from more states & am sure that Wisconsin is it. Thursday we have been invited to American Thanks Giving from some of our American friends here. It is perfect because when we celebrated Canadian Thanks Giving we invited Americans to join us. Then on Friday Teresa & Esme are going our friends place. their daughter, Esme's age is having her birthday party. Daddy & son are coming to hang out with Kiel & I because the party is going to be really girlie.

"It was nice to see you Jeff." Our Kiwi old YWAM school leader from Texas was here these past couple of weeks. It was so nice to have him over to talk about things back in Texas & things going on here. We miss him & love him dearly. Vickie you have a great husband.