Sunday, November 15, 2009

A week in review

Happy Birthday Kiel! It is amazing that you (our son) are 7 years old today.

Last week we got the most amazing random e-mail from a lady how was doing some research on the Internet & stumbled on a link to our blog. She works for a TV production company in Australia. It was so amazing because she ready our blog & shared that she was a YWAMer & completed her DTS some years back. She was encouraged by our blog & said that she would keep our kids & us in her prayers. God is so awesome because her email was a huge encouragement to me. You never know who or where people are praying for you. When we need prayer God directs people to pray for us.

The only sad thing is that my vista notebook didn't like something & I lost her email. I was going to respond to her questions, but lost her address. So if you read this post please write us again because we would like to answer your questions & thank-you for your prayers.

Thank-you all for praying for my Mongolian language test. It was a long difficult test, but did well. Today I started my new language book & realize that there is not any breaks in between books. I was learning something totally new today. My lesson was difficult because I'm getting tired (mentally.) I am so glad that next week is a weeks break from classes. Teresa's classes are going well & she too is looking forward to our break from classes.

As many of you know that it gets cold here. Well you may not know that it is has been -25 to -35 degrees Celsius this past week & the same is forecast for this week. We have been told by many Mongolians/foreigners that December & January it will be -40 during most nights & rise to -25 during the days. I continue to walk 8km to & from classes each morning in spite of the cold. I really don't find it that cold because all of my life I have been always hot. Teresa & the kids are adapting to the cold. We just bundle up in layers & walk. We need to get out & the exercise.

Please keep the 40-50,000 people that live in the cities swears during this time of year. Winter is 7 months long here & it is mush be difficult for these people to survive during the winter.