Saturday, November 28, 2009

He is here!

Last night our new nephew/cousin arrived. Oliver Mayich is a healthy 3kg baby boy. Teresa & I were laughing because Kiel & Esme were so excited. But I have to say that Kiel was the most excited. After talking to Aunt Naomi/Uncle Joshie on Skype in the hospital Kiel excitement started. Once things started & they signed off Skype Kiel's excitement grew to the point that he would check our Skype main screen every 15 minutes. We had friends over for super & he wanted to get up to check every 5 minutes while we were eating. Well he was so excited to see that 20 minutes into our meal that Uncle Joshie was showing us live pictures of Aunt Naomi, new baby Oliver & himself. Oliver was only minutes old. There are some advantages to being on the opposite side of the planet because we were enjoying the day while most people at home were still sleeping.

To see the smiles on Kiel & Esme's faces after looking at their new cousin was priceless. They are soo excited for Uncle Joshie & Aunt Naomi as Teresa & I are too. We love all three of you much & can't wait to talk when you get home.

Please pray for them as Oliver comes home & all the challenges with having a new beautiful baby at home. Please pray for me as I have 2 knots in my back & did not sleep last night. Teresa spent over an hour trying to rub them out 2 nights ago. They felt better yesterday, but they have gone back to the way they were. Also pray for us as things starting tomorrow will be back to normal with classes. Yesterday (Saturday) all Mongolian children were back to school after 5 weeks off to prevent the spread of H1N1 flu. Please pray for those who have the infection & that the infection will diminish.