Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things to pray for

Hey everyone.

Things are going pretty well, but we would ask that you pray for Teresa and the kids as they adjust to their new schedule with homeschooling. Please pray specifically that the kids would be able to focus, stay positive, have fun and get accomplished what they need to get done so that we can all have a break for the summer months. The kids here in Mongolia who are homeschooling are finishing up school this week and next, but we still have a ways to go, because of the break we took when getting settled here in Mongolia. It is proving to be tough being teacher, mother and playmate to the kids for Teresa. So please pray for a positive experience for all.

The elections are on Sunday afternoon (Saturday afternoon in Canada & the US.) They have made some changes to the voting process that has many Mongol university students upset. They have said that there will probably be protesting & we are to stay close to home & away from any crowds. We will be staying put this weekend.