Monday, May 25, 2009

Great Week!

Wow it is hard to believe that another week has flown by. Thanks you for those who prayed for us this past week. I was extremely discouraged because as soon as I studied my Mongolian vocabulary I would forget it the next day. God is good because my instructors are very patent & encouraging. Teresa had a good week with home schooling the kids & enjoyed her Mongolian classes. She is moving on to new material which will be a challenge for her.

Spring/Summer is in the air here in Улаанбаатар (Ulaanbaatar.) Walking along the river bank in the city seeing green grass & cows grazing on what little green grass there is.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend one of my instructor's home church service in one of the many Гэр Хороолол (home districts.) It was an awesome experience. There were 15 people present ranging in age from 7 months to mid 50's. We sat in the living room sang songs, listened to a sermon, prayed & shared some food together all in Mongolian, & very little English.

I stayed afterwards for my favourite Mongolian food хуушуур (hooshoer), which is ground Mutton, onion, garlic wrapped in flour dough & fried in hot oil. It was a very encouraging experience for me.

School finished on Friday for the summer here in Mongolia. Public, private, elementary to University is finished. It is funny to see so many children & students around this evening playing & groups of girls talking together in the front yard of our building. wow, to have 3 months off in the summer to play & have fun. Actually in the next couple of weeks the school children/students of the city will start to dissipate. Most of them go out into the countryside for the summer. Their parents still work in the city, but their children stay with other family in the countryside.