Saturday, May 16, 2009

Санй Байна уу

Hello, in Mongol! This has been a very busy week. Mongol classes went very well & there is a lot to learn. I am so thankful that my instructors have slowed down their learning expectations. They do this so that they can ensure that I know the basic Mongol grammar. One of my Mongol instructors shared with me that they are an Elder in a home church & that I could come visit sometime soon. I am excited to visit the members & their family.

Teresa has been extremely encouraged now that she has moved to 2-3 days a week & is able to study more for her language classes. She likes my instructors from Survival Course & is having fun with them. It has been an answer to my prayers.

They have started building a new apartment building next to ours & I am amazed at how long the workers work. They start at 5:30am each morning & work until 8:30pm each night. I think they are Chines workers & they have not had a day off since they started 7 days ago. Culturally they do not have a day of rest like at home. Each day I wake up, watch them work for a couple of minutes & pray for them. Yesterday I saw drops of blood in the stairwell & prayed for their safety. Last week & ambulance drove by as construction workers lead the ambulance to another building & my Mongol instructor told me that a worker fell off the building. It is a sad reality here. My heart goes out to these workers & I have been asking what I can do to serve the workers. I have thought about putting a small snack together for them.

Please continue to pray for our language learning. It is hard to find the energy to study as much as I would like. Pray for the workers & how I can serve them. We are still hoping for a friend for Esme & that the kids will meet more friends their age. Visas for friends here & the team of YWAMers who will be returning to UB next week. Please pray for a friend who will be going to the countryside who will be speaking to youth about the value of waiting until marriage for sexual relations.