Sunday, May 10, 2009

Taste of Mongolian

Our Survival Course has finally finished & Monday morning I will start my 1st day of regular Mongolian language classes. Teresa has moved to part-time as it was too crazy & the kids were not getting the time they needed for home schooling, time with us & friends. Also full-time language was just too much for our family & the stress was too great.

The weather here in some senses reminds me of home, a little more extreme though. Last week it was 27 degrees Celsius & two days after we had 5cm of snow on the ground & the next two days it was cold & damp. Today it is back in the 20's & feeling hot again. Here is a couple of pictures from out our windows.

Last week was my 1st time attending & was asked to lead the beginning of our International meeting (can't give specifics.) It went well & was well received. For those who were thinking of me, thanks.

Last night (here is the picture) I made two hump Camel meat spaghetti. Doesn't it look great. It tasted really good. Teresa & the kids liked it too. I have totally embraced the Mongolian food culture here & am excited about the horse meat I bought at the meat market (many people would get sick if saw a picture of the meat markets here.) What is so funny is that my stomach doesn't agree with the beef here. All meat is free range & organic because all the animals only feed on the grass in the country. Here is a picture of typical sausage you get here. It is so good.

There are lots of things you can pray for such as visas for many friends here, a Mongolian friends wife who is still going into the hospital after surgery because of fluid in her stomach area. Pray that Esme will be able to meet at least one other girl her age to play with. Kiel has three friends his age to play with. The Mongolian elections are coming at the end of the month (May 24th.) Last year there were riots in the streets due to the voting process. During that week we will be cautious & not going very far in the city for safety reasons.

Well we are off to meet with friends & enjoy a meal together. Posts will be coming much sooner as crazy Survival Course has finished. Thank-you for your patients.