Monday, May 11, 2009

News Headlines for Today

Hi everyone. I know some of you maybe wondering why our posts do not have as much information on them as you would like. We struggle with the same thing from our end because we are not sure what we can share & what we can not.

Last Sunday (2 days) ago we had a guest lead our singing at church. He is part of Hillsong United & is a native of India. It was so amazing when a leader is experienced & knows how to lead a group of people, you feel that God is there as you sing to "Him." The speaker from Mongolia shared that with maturity typically passion decreases, but it should be the opposite.

The kids had there first afternoon of art class with the home school co-op yesterday. They both really enjoyed it & were able to meet more children their own age. This afternoon they will be returning for gym class. Please pray that Esme will be able to find another girl her own age to befriend.

My first day of regular Mongolian language classes went very well. The work & understanding the language is still a challenge. I am finding that the things I have learned in previous weeks have taken root. But I am not sure how to speed up the rooting process so that the Mongolian I am learning can be retained the week I am taught in class. I have learned that this is a very difficult language & people that have been here for 17 years still say that they are learning informally because Mongolian is such a difficult language for non-Mongol's. Learning Mongolian is so important because finding Mongol's who know English is difficult & communication using charades only go's so far & then you have to speak using their language.

Please pray for a friend who's mother is not healing from surgery (in her 70's) & just returned home to her apartment broken in & most things stolen or broken. It made things that much more difficult.