Saturday, May 2, 2009


This week has been very busy, but good. Language classes have been going at a rockets pace & we have already completed half of our Mongolian "Survival Course." After our survival course regular classes will begin. This week was also a blessing in that Kiel & Esme have gotten to meet more children their age to play with. Most afternoons when I come home from language classes there is at least one friend over playing with the kids which is so nice to see. Please continue to pray for Kiel & Esme that they will be able to meet with more children they can play with & become friends with.

Kiel & Esme also got to play with there friends Joshua & Emily from Bayankhongor the past three days. They were so excited to see them. It has been over a year since they have been able to play with them. They will be staying in the apartment directly above us (here in Ulaanbaatar) for the 2 weeks. The kids are so excited. Teresa & the kids also went to visit the open house for the Home school Co-op yesterday. All three of them will start going for the gym & art classes during Monday & Tuesday afternoons at the co-op while the rest of the week we will continue to school them at home.

Please pray for Jeff, our Kiwi (New Zealand) YWAM leader based in Texas. This past week while teaching he twisted & put his back out & is still in a lot of pain. It was great too spend time with him.

Last night we had a Mongolia YWAM meal together & it was great to see our other YWAM missionaries here in Mongolia. The Nations represented were South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, United States, Mongolia & Canada. Please pray for us as we serve the Mongolian people through language/culture learning & more.

Please continue to pray for Teresa & I with our language studies. Teresa because she is still finding learning the language extremely difficult. For me because my instructors only speak Mongolian & Russian & are expecting me to learn pages of Mongolian each day.

Thank-you all for prayers & support.