Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Learning To Be Patient

We are finally moved down into our apartment & God has been teaching us patients. We have had our cooker for as week now waiting for electricians to come hook it up. Our cooker did not come with a cord to plug it in because depending on what voltage the cooker plug is depends on how you wire the cooker & what end the plug looks like. The options are 220v (standard outlet), 380v or 440v. I waited for the first electrician for 2 hours last week & he did not show up. So I went to the hardware market to buy my own plug for the cooker. This week Our dear friends directly below us, the Parker's asked our building electrician to come hook up the cooker. After 3 hours of looking & reading the instruction manual (in Russian) he told me in Mongolian that he did not know how to do it. Finally a Mongolian staff member of JCS called another electrician to come & finally hook up our cooker. I don't think I have ever been so excited to have a plug put on a stove in my life as i am right now.

I will be hooking up our sink & washing machine today while Teresa is in Mongolian classes. In our Bible study group last night I told everyone that I miss Canadian Tire, Kent & Home Hardware. When I need something all I do is find the right ile, pick from the many different options & go home. Here you have one booth that carries sinks, another that carries pipes for your sink, but you need your sink in hand because there really is not a cross country standard. Hear there are so many countries that make everything, they are all different & may or may not fit.

Mongolian Survival Course classes are going very well for me. Having my mother, aunts, grandmother & grandfather speak Ukrainian all of my life has/is a huge help. The Alphabet, letters, words, sounds & how to make the sounds comes naturally. I am also an auditory learner & this is the primarily language teaching method used here. However the same is not true for Teresa. Absolutely everything is totally foreign to her & nothing is coming naturally to her. She is very stressed, concerned & fearful that she will not be able to learn the language. I have been encouraging her & praying for her. Please do the same.

Here is the Mongolian Alphabet:

The kids are making new friends & having fun meeting kids. It is a blessing that our apartment building & the one next down the street have many missionary families living in them from many nations. Please pray for the kids that they will transition back into our home schooling routine as for the past three weeks we have been orienting ourselves & trying to get our apartment ready to live in.

We think & pray for you all.