Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Still Working Away

I am happy that the sanding is finally finished & we have moved on the the painting. Today was exciting as I laid vinyl flooring in our kitchen & went to get our kitchen sink, cabinets & our double bed. Although the Mongolian rendition of a double bed is more like a 3/4 in Canada. I am still laughing that we have graduated to a 3/4 bed after 9 years of marriage. Our apartment is starting to take shape & we are hoping to be moving in by the end of the weekend. All of us are really getting tired of living out of our suitcases.

Please pray for Kiel as he is having very strong stomach pains again. God was so awesome. I went to our JCS prayer meeting to pray for Kiel (& others) tonight & was introduced to one of our missionaries, a pediatrician. He said that is Kiel's condition continues to give him a call. God answers our prayers so unexpectedly. He is so amazing.