Saturday, April 25, 2009

Almost Done

hey everyone. Thank-you all for praying for Kiel. He is on the mend after seeing Dr. Paul (a Korean pediatrician) who is part of our JCS team here in Ulaanbaatar.

We are almost finished getting the apartment ready. We would not be as close as we are to finishing if it were not for the YWAM students from the Hawaii base. Four of the 9 team members came over this week to help us paint & put together some of our furniture. The two guys were from the US, while the two girls were from Switzerland & Canada (Ontario specifically.) They were an amazing help & to treat them we invited them over for breakfast the next morning for toast, eggs, French Press coffee, fruit & cereal. They were so excited because Mongolians don't eat cereal, only drink instant coffee & don't toast their bread. After being in Ulaanbaatar for a month they will be leaving for Erdenet for a second month of mission service. When they return we will be hosting the entire team for a meal, a time to share & rest. It is such a gift to open our house for them. It is our families gift & we hope to do the same with more teams that come to Mongolia.

Our Kiwi (New Zealand) YWAM school leader from the Tyler Texas base stopped in to our apartment today for a visit. It was so nice to see Jeff again. We talked about pretty much everything. He is off to Bayankhongor this week to teach at the DTS (Discipleship Training School) at the YWAM base there. He will be returning to Ulaanbaatar for a meal & rest before he returns to the US.

So many people have told us that we are crazy to be doing as much work as we are doing. We have the walls crack filled, sanded & 2 coats of paint on all the apartment except one. All of our appliances, kitchen cabinets, bunkbeds for the kids, a 3/4 bed for Teresa & I (I'm still laughing), dishes, cutlery, towels, & other small bathroom type stuff. The kids have helped us when ever they can & told us that tomorrow we had to rest. So tomorrow we are.

Monday Teresa & I start our Mongolian language classes. I am so excited to learn Mongolian so that later on I/we will be able to communicate/serve the people here.

I will post some pictures in the next couple of days.