Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Soon & Very Soon

Good day to all of you. We have news.

Yesterday was a very emotional day for Teresa & I as we attended our home church, New Minas Baptist Church for the last time before we leave for Mongolia. The worship was awesome. The singing had me up & down, & pastor Bob's sermon really challenged me. But, when Teresa & I were called up, surrounded by friends, colleges, & family to lay hands commissioning us I lost it inside. I found out during the children/youth worship service in their sanctuary (down the hall) pastor John called up Kiel & Esme to be prayed for & commissioned close to the same time as us. It is times like these that you really feel the love of your people (the community of Jesus) because the changes will be fast & great. Thank-you New Minas Baptist. We love you so much.

I have checked online with FedEx & our passports/final visa paperwork has arrived at the Mongolian Embassy in Ottawa. The Ambassador will read through our paperwork & the paperwork we already sent to Mongolia (was sent to Ottawa) before granting our visas. Please pray that we will have Mongolian visas very soon.

It is very hard for us to wait on buying our airline tickets until our visas are in our hands. These are the times scripture comes to life "I wait for you, O Lord..." Psalm 38:15a Then there are moments I am quite happy to wait as I think of everything around me that will change. Pastor Bob's sermon example of Peter walking on the water (Matthew 14:22-32) comes to mind. Then the excitement comes when I think of the endless possibilities knowing the Holy Spirit is with us.

This week we have to move furniture (set of bunk beds) out of our Hortonville home, have the house totally cleaned ready for the owners, have all of our possessions down to 8 suitcases & 4 carry on's, place our car for sale (loaded 2003 Suzuki Aerio AWD 5 door fastback) & move up to Teresa's parents house.

Please pray for our visas & all the things that need to get done this week. We will let you all know when our visas come.

This is so amazing when I think about it. We landed in Mongolia April 12th 2008 for the 1st time & we be going back 1 year later as missionaries to Mongolia.

God is still in the business of doing amazing things through us (his people.) No matter who we are & what you are doing God is using you to do BIG things for him. Yesterday I thanked a friend for the things he is doing to help us. I told him I value what he does. His response was that it is nothing compared to what I am doing. I told him that is not true & what he is doing is valuable to us & our ministry. We all are part of God's amazing plan & valued the same. We have different gifts & "need" each other.