Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting Ready

Hi everyone. We are getting ready to go to Mongolia even though we have not heard the status of our visas. I tried to Skype & e-mail our missionary contact in Mongolia, but he is on vacation until next week. God knew that we would start to get impatient & want an early answer so we need to continue to wait on him for his perfect timing.

"Be still before the Lord & wait patiently for Him..."
Psalm 37:7a

We are traveling to visit family & close friends during our last few weeks here. This past weekend we were visiting family & friends in Cape Breton & New Glasgow NS. Cape Breton is always a great time for me. I had the joy of attending Saturday morning mass at Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church with Gigi, my Ukrainian Grandfather. "Father" was excited to hear about us going to Mongolia. To date he has known more about Mongolia that I have heard from any non Mongolian. He gave a prayer for us that day & during Sunday mass (we were not present) with the congregation. Just before we leave they want to have a prayer time during their service for us. I was so blessed by their desire to support us in prayer.

On Sunday morning we attended Westside Bible Chapel to update many friends & supporters that attend this church. It is so encouraging to be surrounded by people so excited for us. A dear friend said that our blog was his homepage for a period of time. I had to promise that when we are in Mongolia I would update our blog each week. The people at Westisde enjoy lifting us up in prayer corporately & individually. We feel loved by them & they are such a blessing to us. Thank-you.