Friday, March 27, 2009

Prayers Answered

We have been granted Mongolian visas. Praise God! They will be sending them back to us on Monday via FedEx. Please pray for us because we are still trying to pack all of our belongings into the 8 large suitcases that we are allowed, clean the house & be out for Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning we will be visiting another of our supporting churches, New Covenant Community Church in Cambridge NS for Sunday mornings service. We are excited to see the people who opened their church house for us to live last summer.

We will be living at Teresa's parents house until April 3rd & then moving to my parents home until we fly out April 8th. Our flight path will be (Halifax - New York - Seoul - Ulaanbaatar)

Oh, please pray for me as a prepare my final sermon on North American soil. I am preaching April 5th at my home church growing up, Colby Drive Bible Chapel in Dartmouth NS. They are another one of our supporting churches.

It has been & is a blessing to share these past few weeks with churches (Jesus' community) before we start the next phase in our ministry, in Mongolia.