Thursday, November 6, 2008

Winter has come to Mongolia

Many of us are enjoying the warmer than normal temperatures here in Atlantic Canada, but it's winter in Mongolia. This week I read an article from The UB Post, a Mongolian newspaper in many languages that talked about the city of children that live in the sewer system in Ulaanbaatar during the winter months. The article really tugged on both Teresa & I because it talked about the 50,000 homeless children that live in the sewers during the winter months in Ulaanbaatar. It is a reality that we especially in Atantic Canada find very difficult to believe because the amount of homeless children is far less than 50,000. That is much larger than most of our towns in this part of the country. Please pray for these children.

We have been busy lately sharing a meal with friends, family, & supporters as we continue to find people willing to be part of the mission God has placed on our hearts, serving the Mongolian people. This weekend we will be visiting Stewiacke Baptist church to share our hearts for the people & country of Mongolia. Please pray that we will be well recieved & more will want to pratner with us.

I have the newspaper article in PDF file format & if anyone wishes to read the article please e-amil us (