Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lest We Forget

As I remember today I think of my Ukrainian grandparents that were taken from their homes in the Ukraine & survived Nazi camps & later my grandfather fought in the war. I think of my Croatian grandfather who fought in a Canadian force. Also having lived in Mongolia I also think of the thousands of Russians (USSR soldiers) that fought & the Mongolians that accompanied them for their freedom.

I am truly blessed having family & friends (Russian & Mongolian) that have fought for their family & country. I honour them today, but I also do not forget the 100,000's of Christians (martyrs) over the centuries that have & still give their lives to feed the poor, free the millions who still are slaves (sex, corporate, labour, etc...) & the helpless in the world today. Lest we not forget them, pray for them, help them & possible serve with them.

God showed his love for us in that he send his only Son from the endless riches of heaven to be human (& still spirit) to be poor, to suffer, & to die in the most humiliating way possible at the time in history because he values his creation, us.

Serve well my children, serve others my children...