Tuesday, May 8, 2012

For the 2nd Week Will Have No Translator

Please pray for me because in 30 minutes I will start my 2nd 1 hour Bible teaching (sermon) in Mongolian without a translator. My tansloator is usually a Mongolian pastor that I know. He always jokes with me saying that my Mongolian is good enough to preach and teach, but I am always doubtful. My reasons are that my Mongolian is only at the level of a child or teen. But, God just reminded me that he taught in everyday street language of his time and that his stories were childlike.

If you become a child then you will be able to enter my kingdom.
Matthew 18:3

We have purchased all of our flight tickets to return to Canada. They were more than I expected, but when your home and where you need to go is on the other side of the planet it usually will cost more than you expect.