Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prayer Needed

Би шалгалтнд Монгол хэл сурж байна. Translated: I am studying for my Mongolian language exam. Please pray for me because nothing living here in Mongolia stresses me, but a language exam does. Our friends (Mongolian, other nations) ask me what is wrong because I show that I am stressed by becoming very quiet. Please pray for this exam. The pass mark is 80% & the language is getting difficult. It will be tomorrow afternoon (Thursday morning 2-4am AST.) My head is so sore & feel I can't put anymore information inside.

Please pray for a good evening sleep, peace & clarity. I also have to speak non-stop for 20 minutes in Mongolian only. The owner of the school is my examiner for my speaking section. This is causing me the most stress.

I am sorry if some of you have been trying to Skype us. But studying has taken up most of my free time this past 2 plus weeks. Next week things will slow down as we start a new section of language learning.