Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting Ready For Winter

Good morning everyone. We have started to get ready for winter as the evening temperatures have dropped below 0 Celsius. One of my language instructors informed me that during the winter the limited vegetables (beets, cucumber, potato, onion, tomato, carrot & green pepper) that we can get here will become very scarce. To help prepare for this we bought some wood planks to make wooden boxes to store root vegetables our dark cool storage closet. Also we had to buy a new front door to our apartment. The lock & seals were broken on our old door so there was a draft that would always come in. We still have to line our windows with foam, get a good humidifier & an air purifier in the next week. During the cold clear nights you can see the air pollution out our windows looking down the street into the valley. Central heating will be turning on this week (hopefully) because our apartment is cold when we get up every morning now.

Our weeks are so busy now that it is fall. Teresa & I laugh we when share our weeks with others (our friends with no children or single.) Our only free time we have during the week is Friday afternoon & that we have reserved for family fun. It could be going out to a museum, a kids playground, swim at the pool downtown, or watching a movie at home. This is our family time where our kids have our (mom's & dad's) undivided attention & it is non-negotiable. Friday & Saturday evenings are saved for inviting people over for a meal & a rest which we do almost every week. Language students, missionaries & Mongolian families need time to rest & enjoy others over a meal after a long busy week.

Please pray for me as I have my second large Mongolian language exam Wednesday evening (Cdn time.) Also please pray for Jun Mi as both her parents are in hospital & are very sick. Pray for Jardel, Inez, Joshua & Emily DaSilva. They have been living/serving the Mongolian people for over 8 years here & God has called them back home to Brazil. They will be leaving next month & are finding it very hard because there whole lives are here. They said that "it is harder to leave then stay now."