Friday, August 28, 2009

Last week of Summer

Hi everyone. Sorry for not posting in quite a long time. This is the last week of Summer here in Mongolia. Mongolians say that the first day of fall here is September 2nd. It was only 4 degrees Celsius last night & the air is already changing. Mongolian schools have already started their year a week ago & language classes start full-time again next week. The kids will start home schooling in a weeks time to give them one more full week of freedom before the air gets even cooler. The central heating turns on in two weeks in the country & people say we will need it. Winter comes very fast here & we are already getting ready for it.

The YWAM leadership conference last week in the city of Erdinet was wonderful. Over the weekend I will have another post to share more about the YWAM leadership conference. I was so encouraged & excited after attending the conference.