Monday, August 17, 2009

A great week

Time is flying by with our week Mongolian language classes finished for the next 2 weeks as our instructors have their vacation. During our break we will be going to the YWAM leadership conference in Erdinet. All of the YWAM "friends" from Mongolia will be meeting for our leadership conference. We are looking forward to it & will be taking the train, which the kids find so fun. We will be traveling with our YWAM "friends" from Brazil. We are trying to spend time with them as God has directed them back home to Brazil after over 8 years in Mongolia.

Last Saturday all of the baseball teams & their families gathered for a closing party. It was nice to see everyone & to congratulate all of the kids/students in their efforts. Kiel received the (Iron Man) award for being the strongest & hardest working player in his league. He was so surprised when they called his name, not thinking he was going to receive an award. Teresa & I were so happy for him.

Last night I was able to meet with a church leader I have befriended. It was nice to have the time to meet with him to get to know each other more & to support each other in our lives. Last night we met speaking English & next week we will meet again only speaking Mongolian. He knows I need to practice my relational Mongolian speaking.

Please pray for our leadership conference, that we have save travels, our Mongolian language (we will be able to make some time to continue practicing during our time off), we will be able to enjoy each other as a family, the Mongolian pastors & my other language instructor as she is still dealing with the loss of her grandmother.

Sorry for not including any Mongolian in this post. Our personal internet is down b/c of the amazing thunder storms we have been having in the evenings & am using another source.