Friday, June 19, 2009

Praise & Prayer

Thank-you all for praying for my Mongolian language exam. My mark was 83% & still am amazed & praising God for how well I did. Also thank-you for praying for Mittens. She has come alive & is a normal little kitten that purrs most of the time. She is drinking & eating out of her bowls whenever she is hungry or thirsty.

Please pray for Teresa as Bridge will be looking into things for her. They may have found a solution that would be amazing for us.

We came to this decision because Teresa & I were not able to study, home school the kids & give them the attention they needed as our children. We were always very stressed because there was not enough time for anything & we couldn't achieve balance which is difficult when you have started living in another country.

Please continue to pray for Marg, Teresa's birth mothers mother. She is still in ICU attached to a ventilator & will be for months. She has started some physiotherapy, but things are difficult because her insides were shaken up & torn. The doctors said that she probably will not be able to return to the way she was before the accident & her recovery would take years.

Than-you for your prayers & we do pray for many of you daily.