Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Hot Water

Hi everyone. Yes it is true we have not had hot water for 3 days now & this morning found out the out entire building will not have hot water until June 17th "our 9 year wedding anniversary." It makes me laugh because we are slowly moving closer & closer to the average Mongolian. The average Mongolian doesn't have any running water so we still have a ways to go.

Please continue to pray that the Mongolian bank will return our funds to our Canadian bank & that we will be able to resolve our Mongolian language cost issue.

Thank-you all for praying for the Mongolian elections. It was a peaceful election & the new younger party was elected. This is the result we were praying for.

I am (kids & Teresa are not) liking the heat here in Mongolia. Yesterday it is a beautiful 35 degrees & today it is an awesome 32 degrees with a humidity of 13%. Mongolians say it will get a lot warmer than this. I am going to enjoy this while it is here. Winter comes fast here.