Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Challenging Day Prayer Needed

Today was a very challenging day. We received the bill for our Mongolian language classes & the amount that we were charged was much higher than we were told (a lot higher.) The director at the school told me that I had to pay for all 6 months up front, which we were told earlier in the year that monthly was perfectly fine. Either way we cannot afford the cost using the rate they are charging us now. I called my JCS director & we will be getting together to see if we can figure things out. We really do not want to have to change Mongolian language schools due to the visa application process, (possibly having to leave the country) but if we must we will have to. This is very important. "Please pray that God will give us a solution to what has happened."

Also I went to a hotel to use an ATM to get our rent & the machine crashed before I received my money. Thankfully the bank ATM repairmen was there & was able to retrieve my card. My Mongolian language instructor was able to come to assist me in trying to make sure that my account was checked & the rent money will be returned to our Canadian account. Please pray that the money will be returned to our Canadian account soon so that we can pay our rent for this month.

I am singing praises to God to prevent discouragement from creeping in. God is bigger than our challenges & wants us to depend on him.

"Pile your troubles on God's shoulders—
he'll carry your load, he'll help you out."
Psalm 55:22 The Message

We love you all & are so thankful for your prayers.