Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Time Has Come

Well it is hard to believe that this is all we have. It is actually exciting that all we have 9 suitcases, 4 carryons, 1 laptop bag & 1 purse.

Thank-you for your prayers my final sermon in North America for the next while went very well. Teresa said that it was the best sermon I have ever preached with many men & women being touched to the point of tears. My opening prayer was that Christ would speak & I would only be his mouth piece. "Joy in Trails" James 1:2-4.

Today God has blessed us with lots of rain. We will be resting & staying close to the wood stove. Tomorrow very very early in the morning we will be in the air on our way to Mongolia.

Please continue to pray for the sale of our car & for our visas. We all praised that we were granted visas, however they were only 30 day entry visas. After we have entered we will start the process of obtaining our long term visas.

Oh, please look at the clock so you can get used to the time change! Thanks

We love you all & will post as soon as we can from Mongolia.