Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Can't Sleep

It's 12:40am & I can't shut my mind off. Usually when I cannot sleep (not normal for me) I pray for people, situations & other things I know need prayer until I am in a place where I can fall asleep.

Things are going well here, The past few days Teresa has been doing her Christmas baking is preparation for the 3 Christmas parties we will be having at our home over the next couple of weeks. We had friends tell us that our gift of hospitality is such a blessing to so many people. 2 weeks ago we invited a Frenchman from Normandy who walked from France, through, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania & to Turkey. It took him 7 months to walk. He then flew to Iran & then to Kazakhstan. He then walked across the boarder to Mongolia & met some foreigners that drove him to Ulaanbaatar. Only after being in Ulaanbaatar for 2 weeks after church invited him home for a meal. He was so grateful to have a home cooked meal, although his English was very limited.

I will continue this post in the morning. Esme woke up from a bad dream & will tuck her in again.