Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Habitat for Humanity was awesome. I was so excited when I got to the new site where all 30 small 5m x 5m homes had been started. We were all split up into groups & each had a home to build. The Mongolian family that would be receiving the home worked along side of us as we were building. My job for the day was to be a bricklayer. The Mongolian professional bricklayer gave me a 10 minute lesson & she asked if I could do it. I happily said "yes" & started. It was a hot day (32 degrees Celsius) & enjoyed working on my awesome farmers tan while working. It was really special all of the other volunteers (awesome to see because there was 200 from all over Asia, Europe & Canada/US) we were the only ones who did not need a translator because we could speak Mongolian. Our translator didn't need to translate so he helped us by mixing cement. We had so much fun talking/working with the professional bricklayer, the translator & the new owners family speaking in Mongolian. The work was hard, but the connection I felt with the professional bricklayer, the translator, the new owners family & the other volunteers made the work seem easier. Nine hours later I returned home tired, dirty, hungry for some real Mongolian food & to see Teresa & the kids.

I will post a couple of pictures as soon as I get them from friends who took some pictures.