Monday, May 10, 2010

Having a short Rest

I can't believe that the week has already gone. We are hoping that this week slows down just a little as we are having a rest this week.

Please continue to pray for our language instructor as she is still grieving the loss of her father. Also please pray for friends here who three weeks ago flew to the US for Jim's mother passing away (is still in the US) & today Liz's mother passed away (she flew back to Mongolia only a week ago) & will be returning to the US again tomorrow.

Later on in the week we (all 4 of us) will be going to the countryside for a picnic, hike & fun playing in the fields for a day. It is so easy when you are home for everyone to be distracted (the kids included) doing other things & not having quiet, restful, non-distracting family fun together.

As the week progresses I will update you all.