Friday, February 12, 2010

Амар Сайн уу? Мэнд ээ. Амар Сайн уу?

Happy New Year to all! Sunday is Mongolian new year where the whole country stops to celebrate the new year. The first day of Цагаан Сар, meaning White Month (Sunday) is family day where all families come together to celebrate new years together. Teresa, the kids & I are touched because we have been invited to one of our instructor's home & our other instructor's parents home for family day. We feel blessed by these invitations & will enjoy the cultural experience together with their families. The music video above shows some of the traditions & foods of  Цагаан Сар.

Some of the foods & drinks of  Цагаан Сар are бууз (horse, mutton or goat steamed dumplings) сүүтэй цай (hot horse, sheep, goat, camel or cows milk salted, mixed with wild plant leaves & sticks like loose tea) яаманий мах (goat meat on the bone in large pieces full of fat) гэдэс (cooked animal organs) нийслэлийн салат (capital salad similar to potato salad, but with other things that many of you may not like) тамхины сав (sniffing tobacco) торт (sweet cakes) толх (breads) ааруул (sun dried yogurt.) I have to say that all of these things I like to eat.

Here is a picture of my box of ааруул (sun dried yogurt.) мэттенс бид хөёр ааруул идэх дуртэй. Mittens & me really like to eat ааруул. It is very sour & dry. Teresa & the kids care not to eat it because it is sour tasting.

Just so you know our cat is a real Mongolian cat. He may look domesticated, but deep down we don't think he is domesticated. 

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