Friday, December 11, 2009

Warmer Tonight

For those of you that read our previous post thank-you for praying. Our heat came back on at midnight & hopefully other were soon to follow. Tonight it is much warmer -25 Celsius.

This week has been a busy one with our Mongolian language classes happening & getting ready for Christmas. Teresa & I spent the week trying to find ingredients for some of our favourite Christmas treats. Some things we could find while others not. Teresa & our language helper were busy trying to make the sweet treats that we had ingredients for. Here is a picture:

The kids had a great time helping too. But, Kiel & Esme said it best & I will quote them. "Mom the sweets are great, but could you get some apples & mandarins? We really want something healthy." Russians & Mongolians make the most amazing ice cream, candy & chocolate which is everywhere. But getting fresh fruit sometimes can be a challenge & they like fruit more then sweets.

Tomorrow will be the start of our Christmas parties. We are hosting a kids Christmas party. Mongolian & foreign children that our kids know will be coming over for games, food, a craft & a gift to take home. We thought it would be great for our children & a great time to connect with others as Christmas will be spent with friends this year & not family.

An hour ago I was walking in front of our building when I saw 10 red glowing lights in the sky. I stopped to try & figure out what they were. They were not helicopters or aircraft. When a waited & looked closer I saw that they were flames. I saw our landlady & here daughter watching them also. I spoke to her (in Mongolian) asking what they were & why. She replied that today was a special Buddhist holiday & the temple down the street the monks were praying & after they lit up these things to fly in the sky.The Buddhist Holiday is in memory of a Lama.