Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yesterday during class my mongolian language instructor knows how much I like Mongolian food/drink & offered me something new. She would not tell me what it was before she poured it into my cup. She poured herself a cup & we drank together. What was it you ask. It was sour Mongolian Camel milk. It was not fresh milk, not yogourt, but in between. It tasted like runny plain yogourt. I liked it of course.

Teresa had a very challenging Mongolian language class on Wednesday & she was very stressed. Their was an observer present in her class evaluating her instructor & lesson. Both Teresa & her instructor were very stressed. Things are ok now as her stress has passed. I also had an observer 2 weeks ago & Murphy's law it was the worst class I had since starting Mongolian language classes. But things continue as we both learn Mongolian.

Teresa sewed us new Christmas stockings out of beautiful Mongolian silk fabrics. The fabrics she used are used to make the traditional Mongolian dells & jackets. They look beautiful as usual. The kids have a home-made advent calendar made with blue ribbon & 24 toddler socks. each morning both Kiel & Esme are excited to see what is inside the sock. Also Teresa & Aunt Jenna have started planning their Christmas baking day & what sweet treats they will make for Christmas.

I have had challenging times this week. Most mornings I take our garbage out across the street to the dumpster. In the past 2 weeks I have not been throwing the bags into the dumpster because the poor have always asked me for my bags. They want to see if there is anything recyclable in my bags to make a little money & if there is something small to eat in them. My heart is challenged, I pray for them. Every morning while walking to class pass by many sewer caps & pray for the 10's of thousands of homeless Mongolians that live in them to stay alive during the cold winter. The 7km walk to & from classes are filled with prayer for Mongolia & it's people.

It is also difficult in the evenings when the temperature is dropping below -28 Celsius & a 1 or 2 month old stray puppy/kitten runs by you leg. You know that they might be hungry & are cold. I want to take them in, but know I can't. We already have a great pet & know there are too many to save. You cannot see some, but can hear the cries of puppies & kittens that will not survive the night.

A month ago Esme, Kiel & I were walking to the store at the end of our building & we walked next to a frozen kitten laying in the snow. As we were walking back i knew it was hard for the kids, but in a soft way explained that in most of the world things like this happen. Many times Kiel & Esme have been with me when I have given the poor our garbage bags to find things they need & have asked, "why dad?" At home it is easy to miss/not see the poor, but here you are faced with them. I am glad that our kids at such a young age get to see reality for most of the world. We give them the freedom to ask questions, are honest when answering them & encourage them to pray for the less fortunate here.