Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good Week

Above are two songs from very famous Mongolian artists. The first is a great song about Mongolian culture. the second is a song I like. Please watch/listen to them.

We have been having a great week thus far. Well you all know that includes both good & not so good things. The weather has gotten warmer from the -24 we had last week to the -10 we are having this week. But the nice thing about the cold weather is the clear sunny days. The nights are coal smog filled. Here is a picture from 9am this morning after most of the coal smog lifted.

Please pray for the Mongolian peoples health as this time of year is harsh (7 months of winter) with temperatures -30 to -40 Celsius & in Улаанбаатар the coal smog. Please pray for all Mongolians as well as me as we walk to classes/work every morning in the smog.

The kids are continuing with their home schooling & overall enjoying it. They are finding the newer math books more of a challenge & like us all at 5 & 7 are more distracted when the challenge takes more time. I am helping the kids finish their other school work in the afternoons while Teresa has her classes or goes downtown to get the things we need for the week.

Please continue to pray for the Mongolian people as many businesses have closed because of the spread of H1N1. This is extremely difficult for them when you need the money from morning sales to pay for the ingredients to make supper for your family. We are not worrying about H1N1 after watching (BBC) interviews with research doctors showing that more people die each year from the normal flu than have died after one year of H1N1. Many Mongolians are very fearful, pray that they would find peace.

Classes are a challenge, but going well for both Teresa & I. I will have my 3rd Mongolian Language test a week from today (Nov. 11th 9-11pm AST) Please pray for me as this is the final test in Миний Сайн байна уу нэг Монгол хэл хичээл ном хийн ("my how are you 1 Mongolian language lesson book will do" literally translated.) It is hard to believe that I have already finished 300 pages of language learning & only have 600 more to go in Сайн Байна уу хоёр Сайн Байна уу гуров How are you 2 & 3.)