Friday, October 30, 2009

Very Tired

I don't think I have been so happy that it is Friday afternoon. This week felt like it would never end. We started with all having the flu except Esme, then getting over it & back to Mongolian language classes. The kids had a lot more energy because the days we were sick they did not have a chance to play with their friends. Our days are getting colder averaging -10 cel & tomorrow it is suppose to drop down to -16 cel. during the day. Hot water comes & goes. You never really know when it will come on which kind of stinks when you are not feeling good & want to sit in a hot bath to relax. But, just one of the things you have to get over quickly when living in a different country when most people don't have running water at all.

This week has been great when it come to relationships. I have had the opportunity to ярэх (talk) in хүн (person) or online (msn/skype) охлон хүмүүсанд сайн асуулсан (to many people that had great questions) or were completely burnt out needing encouragement. Kiel & Esme's Монгол хэл (Mongolian) is coming along with the help of our гэр/хэл (house/language) helper Уюүка & they enjoy speaking whenever we are out of the apartment. It is quiet funny because Кийл бид хоёр дандаа монгол хэл ангэл хэл хамт ярдаг (Kiel & I always mix our Mongolian & English when speaking English.) Mongolian is leaking into my English spelling too. So if I write anything & you find spelling or grammar mistakes please excuse me.

Teresa has been a great help to Carol, an American missionary who is leaving to return to the US after been here for 7 years. The sad thing is that Carol & Ben, her son are leaving. Ben, Kiel & Esme were great friends. But, Kiel & Esme are happy for their friend Ben. It was cute because today Kiel invited Carol & Ben over for lunch to have a little birthday party for him. That way Ben would not be sad having missed Kiel's birthday. Kiel did not want a gift.

Please pray for rest. I have not been able to rest/sleep for three nights now & it is taking it toll on me. Миний Монгол нэл багш (My Mongolian language instructors) were concerned because it has effected my language abilities. Also continue to pray for Kiel & Esme's home schooling. Most days have been good, but lately days that have been a struggle for Teresa starting new more difficult materials. Also a very close Mongolian friend & church leader is burning out. Please pray that he would be able to rest & feel refreshed.

Mongolian church leaders/pastors burning out is a huge problem here. Many of them are inexperienced & really don't know how to be a church leader. Also many have to work other "jobs" to pay their bills & the ministry work is done during other times in the week. Many Mongolian pastors need someone to walk along side them to coach, encourage, empower, & mentor them so they can be healthy & effective in the ministry.