Monday, October 19, 2009

Saying Fairwell

We have mixed emotions because our Brazilian friends, the DaSilva's are leaving Mongolia. They have been here for over 8 years & in that time studied Mongolian, started a football program (UB United Football) & then moved to Bayankhongor Where they started a YWAM school. Kiel & Esme are going to miss their Children Joshua & Emily.

This next few months are going to be hard for Kiel & Esme. Next week another friend, Ben (a Mongolian) is leaving for the US with his American mother for good. They have been hear for over 6 years. Then in December more departures. A Philippine family that has been here for 9 years is returning home. Their 4 children which our kids play with will be leaving also.

Please pray for these families. Many of the children have lived all their lives in Mongolia & do not want to leave. But when God speaks, you go. Pray for them as they return to their home countries where nothing is the same & the transition will be very difficult. Also pray that our kids will be able to find more friends.