Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Adventures

Hi everyone. I have 10 minutes before my Mongolian language classes start & wanted to share a snap shot of the past week.

Things are going well. The kids are doing well in their home schooling. I can't believe that Esme is learning to read after only being 5 years old for 3 weeks. Kiel at 6 years old is learning to multiply fractions & can do them well. the programs we are doing are different, but are good for their learning styles. Esme is an audible learner (like me) & Kiel is a visual learner (like Teresa.) Their writing program is Canadian, their reading program is British & their mathematics program is American. Teresa is doing a great job, although some days she finds a challenge. Please continue to pray for her as she home schools our children.

Teresa did an awesome job on her Mongolian language exam. Thank-you for praying for her. Her exam was stretched over two days because she did half of her exam at home in our classroom & the other half she went into the college to complete.

The pictures in the upper corner are Teresa's Mongolian culture class. They learning to build a Mongolian Ger (home), make Mongolian cookies & make Mongolian Сүүтэй тэй (milk tea) my favourite.

Oh, my instructor just arrived so I have to go. Thanks -you for all your prayers.