Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to Монгол хэл classes

Hi everyone. Well we are back to Mongolian language classes this week. Our time in the countryside with all the other missionaries that are part of JCS was wonderful. It was great to connect with "friends" for the first time from other parts of Mongolia & hear what they are doing. There was over 100 of us & we were in a beautiful valley in the middle of nowhere. Teresa, the kids & I slept in a Монгол гэр (Mongolian home) for the долоо хоног (week.) Here are a couple of pictures of it & where we were.

YWAM "friends" from France were with us taking care of our children, while we had a "friend" from Australia sharing with us. We had fun times together, singing, learning, eating, playing games & praying. There were also times to climb the mountains to be alone with God & go down to spend time with our family. There about 40 kids running around at all times having fun together. They were playing with each other, the herd of cows, the herd of horses, the pack of friendly dogs, that were always right with us.

It is alway so encouraging when your kids make new friends from different parts of the world & are also young "friends" around Mongolia.

We are back to Монгол хэл classes this week & than the Монгол хэл багш (Mohgolian language teachers) have their yearly 2 weeks off before 9-р сар (September.) During that break we will be taking the train (the kids have so much fun) up north to have a leadership "meeting" with many of our YWAM "friends" here in Mongolia.