Monday, July 20, 2009

Prayer Nedded!!

Hi everyone. Please pray for the Mongolian people in & around Улаанбаатар (Ulaanbaatar.) If you read our previous post you will have read about the flash flood rain that fell on тавдахь өдөр (Friday.) Please pray for the Mongolian хүмүүс (people), Өнөөдөр миний Монгол Хэл Багш (today my Mongolian language instructor) shared with me some of the devastation that occurred. Hundreds of гэр (homes) were washed away in the many гэр districts surrounding the хотын (city). хорин тав (Twenty-five) people were washed away & died. Two of the victims were a 2 & 5 month old that were sleeping & suddenly swept away by the flash flood. In a village outside the city 250 sheep & goats were killed from the marble size hail that fell with the rain. Many more animals have died in other areas as well.

Here is an example of very small section in a sparsely populated ger district.

My language instructor told me that she & 2 friends went to my other instructors church yesterday at his home in a ger district. She said that his home was filled with people because of the rain. This is a positive to the rain, but much work has to be done for the Mongolians to rebuild their homes & fix the damage. Pray for the people as they fix their damaged homes. I have been praying for my female instructor since our first class together & still do. I am happy for her.

Today walking home from Mongolian language class the government buildings & banks were filled with vehicles & people seeking help.