Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Prayer for Visas

Hi everyone. I am sorry that I have not posted anything in so long, but we did not have anything to post. We have been learning that good things take time which is hard in our "fast" western culture.

Please pray for our visas. I just received an e-mail from our Mongolia contact that said we had to remove anything Christian from our school letter & resumes. He said that might be an excuse to not grant our visas. I will be revising our letter & resumes today & sending them back. I am going to expect that our visas will take 5-6 weeks just to be save, but when it comes to governments we never really know.

We are also praying for a March 30th departure date (depends on visas of course) for Mongolia. I will fill you all in with more information to know & pray about this week. That is how it goes I guess. There is no new information for a long time & then a flood of new information comes all at once.