Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! I hope that you all had a good Christmas & New Year. I never thought I would say that I was so happy to be returning to a routine like we did today. We were very busy traveling to friends & family during the Christmas season as they knew this was going to be our last in Canada for some time. The time spent was wonderful, though there were minutes of extreme tiredness it was worth it. The gifts that the kids received were small & light knowing they would have to fit into a suitcase. That did not matter to the kids as their thinking has changed after returning from Mongolia last Spring.

During the month of December we were playing e-mail tag with our YWAM school director Jeff, who lives in Texas. He had been in Mongolia teaching throughout the country & visiting some of the missionaries we will be working with. Two days before Christmas we received an e-mail from him that we needed & were so thankful for. While in Mongolia Jeff was part of small group meetings with missionary leaders that spoke warmly & positively about are coming to Mongolia.

Also during the Christmas Season a number of people gave to us. It has been such a blessing & we are only $500 per monthly short in reaching our monthly goals & have surpassed our one time goals. God blesses in so many ways not only in the big things, but in the smaller things. We were in Dartmouth on New Years Day with the blizzard & were not looking forward to returning to shoveling our driveway. As we turned into the driveway in the dark were amazed that our driveway had been plowed by a truck. We praised God for such an awesome gift & still do not know who plowed it for us. If you read this post & plowed our driveway thank-you so very much. You gave us an awesome gift.

Pray for us as we are mailing a number of churches in The Maritimes asking if they would consider supporting us $20 per month. If these churches would do so then we would reach our monthly goals. Please pray for the Gephart family in Haiti. We lived together in Texas & have found out that Rodney (the father/husband) is having gall bladder problems they think is because of Limes Disease. He has lost a lot of weight (muscle tissue.) His wife & three children are feeling well, but are praying for their husband/father. Rodney is 35 years old.

All of you who have partnered with us & God in this mission, Thank-you.